Posted by: readinginternet | August 5, 2009

A Twitter Update

As I only created this site yesterday, and accordingly set up a Twitter account to go with it, I thought I would share with you how that Twitter account has been going and what you can expect in future.

How much business do you get from Twitter?

I have been using Twitter for 2-3 years now and some of my Web sites utilise the Twitter API. I understand that when done correctly Twitter is a very clever marketing tool.

The Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) allows other Web sites and programs to interact with Twitter automatically, i.e. send data to Twitter or receive data back from Twitter in an automated fashion.

The ReadingInternet ( account of mine on Twitter will maily be manually updated, although I do use some programs that might send an automatic message once in a while.

I am very keen on getting “high quality followers” on Twitter and therefore will either follow you back or block you from my Twitter account (this might seem harsh, but it helps eliminate spam). And within less than 1 day I can already see that Twitter is working for me.

How does Twitter affect you?

There is a lot more to be said about how you could use Twitter to increase your business potential, and there are some very cool tricks I know. So if you want to use Twitter to it’s max, please contact me right now and lets talk about how Twitter can get you more targeted visitors, and how I can help with that.

Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-the-minute informed about everything I am doing …

This video explains how Twitter is used for people’s personal lives, using it for business is very helpful, too. Ask me for more.


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