£100 Custom Web Site Design – Reading, UK

This is an incredible offer! £100 for a custom designed, custom built, 5-10 page Website, prepared and submitted to the search engines. Why am I doing this? I want to establish myself as one of the leading Web developers, designers and online marketing experts in the Reading area and I want to start with you.

For reference some Web sites I have built recently are listed on my Web Design Showcases page.

£100 for a 5-10 page Web site for your small-medium size business in Reading.

This offer can only last until I am fully booked. I am happy to talk on the phone and/or meet in person, providing you want to start using my services. Your new site should be up and running in a few days.

The pages on your site can be:
– home page
– about us page
– contact us page
– product page(s)
– service page(s)
– driving directions/location page
– a guest-book page
– a photo gallery page
– event list page
– menu page
– price list page
– other pages based on agreement

The pages cannot include:
– user registration and user profiles
– shopping carts with checkout (other solutions can be integrated for that)
– any complex database-driven web applications

Your Web site will be:
– fast and user friendly
– well designed (I create the graphics based on your ideas and inspirations)
– XHTML standard compliant ***
– CSS standard compliant ***
– using Ajax technology where it makes sense
– optimised for search engines **
– submitted properly to Google, Yahoo and bing
– have Google Analytics as site performance measurement system in place

You will need to:
– register or own a domain name (.com, .co.uk, etc.) and point it to the server – but I can of course help and advise with that – domain names are cheap these days.

For less competitive local marketplaces you can expect to:
– be indexed by Google within a week
– possibly even rank in the top 10 (I have done that before)

There are limits to what I am prepared to build:
– no adult content
– no gambling content
– no illegal content

Please contact me at reading.internet@gmail.com or on 07706 102838 (serious interest only please, no recruiters please). I will require a £50 deposit to start work and the remaining £50 are due as soon as I completed the work according to goals we agree on.

I hope this offer sounds interesting to you, and am looking forward to helping you create a new online success story.

Additionally please note that I have free hosting space available on my servers as long as the site traffic is reasonable. Reasonable means a Web site with up to 6000 unique visitors a month (200/day), above that I would help you move the site to your own hosting. My servers run Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2008. I cannot provide access to the server directly, but any text modifications to your site do not require that, so typically this is a good free solution that should work for small-medium size businesses.

** Search Engine Optimisation … due to the nature of this offer it is impossible to do a full optimisation of the site – that usually takes up to 6 months and is an ongoing effort beyond the scope of this offer.

*** standard compliance … ensures that your visitors see the page as it was intended to be seen (on the most common Web browsers) AND more importantly are very helpful in getting better search engine positions.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please post them below.



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